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Angus Eye Tea: Anxiety, Depression, And Other Cheerful Topics

The no bull podcast about all things anxiety, depression & other cheerful topics. New episodes every Wednesday.

info_outline Just Trudging Through a Rough Patch, Don't Mind Me 10/06/2021
info_outline "Left On Read" Anxiety 09/29/2021
info_outline Tips for Dealing with Phone Call Phobia 09/22/2021
info_outline Handling the Unexpected Pivots in Your Life 09/01/2021
info_outline 3rd Anniversary: How I’ve Kept This Podcast Afloat While Dealing with Mental Health 08/25/2021
info_outline Freaking Out About Not Freaking Out | New Move, New Job 08/18/2021
info_outline Is The Life Sabbatical Over? (I'm back!) 08/04/2021
info_outline TTYL, Heifers! 06/02/2021
info_outline The (Almost) End of Quarantine Whiplash 05/27/2021
info_outline I'm Tired of Not Sleeping: Fatigue and Depression 05/19/2021
info_outline My Favorite Caffeine Alternatives 05/12/2021
info_outline May Goals: A "Write" of Passage 05/07/2021
info_outline Over Pressured, Underwhelmed: The Burdens We Place on Ourselves 04/28/2021
info_outline Do-Si-Dos and Do-Si-Don'ts: A Dramatic Reading of My Time Selling Girl Scout Cookies 04/21/2021
info_outline Depression Loopholes: Life Hacks for Depressive Episodes 04/14/2021
info_outline Do You Lack Adventure in Your Life? 04/07/2021
info_outline April Goals: A Need for Common Cents 03/31/2021
info_outline How I Made a Second Podcast, Sloshbucklers! 03/24/2021
info_outline Task Eraser: Complete a Chore While I Share My Favorite Things 03/17/2021
info_outline What It's Like to be Manic | Bipolar Disorder 03/10/2021
info_outline March Goals: Manic Management and Facing Fears 03/03/2021
info_outline You’re a Fraud and Other Lies From Imposter Syndrome 02/24/2021
info_outline I Have Bipolar Disorder 02/17/2021
info_outline Let's Drink Tea and Slow Jam to Valentine's Day 02/10/2021
info_outline Let's Talk About That Pesky Pandemic Wall 02/03/2021
info_outline Permission Granted: How to Break Your Toxic Life Rules 01/27/2021
info_outline I Quit My 9 to 5. Now What? | Secret Life Project Reveal 01/20/2021
info_outline A Meditation for Definitely Not Thinking About That One Coup 01/13/2021
info_outline Let's Exorcise 2020 and Talk 2021 01/06/2021
info_outline BLOOPERS for A Year Yule Regret | Christmas Special 2020 12/23/2020