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At The Kitchen Counter

Together as sisters and with our cute mom, we've spent many hours sitting at our kitchen counter. Each with a fork in our hands digging into a pan of our mom's homemade marshmallow brownies. It's where we sat after school every day chatting with our mom while she made dinner and where we still gather now, talking for hours. The kitchen is the heart of our homes and for 12 years we've shared delicious recipes on Six Sisters' Stuff to help you gather your family in your kitchen as well. But now, we're taking it a step further. The kitchen is a place where we spent many hours laughing together, crying together, and growing together through hard times. It's a place where everyone was always welcome. Friends, family, and even strangers sitting around our kitchen table, grabbing a fork, and digging in! We wish we could have one huge kitchen counter to seat every mom, wife, and woman who needs a friend, motivation, or just a reminder of who they really are. So while we can't offer that, we're excited to be bringing you as close to our kitchen counter as possible. Where together we solve the world's problems, one bite at a time.

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