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The Football Feast

Hi team! I’m Craig, the creator of The Football Nutritionist, your go-to resource for all things football nutrition to help you excel on game day. Football runs deep in my family. My grandad was a founding member of a football team, and my father played extensively. I’ve played for years, in school and club football, and I still play today. Now, my son is also enjoying his second year of playing. Growing up, I navigated through the sea of nutrition misinformation, trying various diets and supplements without success. This trial and error led to severe IBS and a determination to find real answers. After extensive research and study, I’m now in the final stages of a degree in Exercise and Nutrition and a certified performance nutrition coach. The Football Feast podcast is my way of sharing valuable insights with fellow football athletes. Here, you’ll find chats with experts and players who have done it or are working along their journey. We will discuss all things macros, micros, recovery, game-fuelling strategies, and food timing, along with deep dives into the diets of top players. Feel free to reach out with questions or suggestions via comments, email, or our social media on Instagram and X. Share your nutrition and football photos with #thefootballnutritionist And remember to Fuel for success, and keep kicking those goals! Craig

info_outline Ep 1 - The Football Feast - Alex Rideout 07/10/2024