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The Bad Crypto Podcast - Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Altcoins, Fintech and Cryptocurrency for Newbies

The show for people who want to learn about investing money in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain, fintech and the future of digital payments

info_outline Tales from the Crypto: Stories of Hack Victims and How to Stay Secure 04/16/2018
info_outline Good News / Bad News for Week Ending April 13, 2018 04/13/2018
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info_outline Bitcoin Gone Loco with Tone Vays 03/13/2018
info_outline Live from SXSW at The Blokhaus 03/12/2018
info_outline Quickie: SXSW 03/09/2018
info_outline Talkin' CryptoAssets with Jack Tatar 03/09/2018
info_outline ICO Spotlight: True Reply, Elementh, CRYPTYK 03/08/2018
info_outline Top ICO Ratings, Reviews, & Research Sites 03/07/2018
info_outline John Stossel on Crypto, The Media & Silk Road 03/05/2018
info_outline Ship it on the Blockchain 03/02/2018
info_outline ICO Spotlight: FCFL.io, DigiPulse 03/01/2018
info_outline How to Do Technical Analysis with Carter Thomas 02/28/2018