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Host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, Integrative Trauma Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Consultant and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, interviews therapista and other experts about perfectionism, worthiness, authenticity, self care, trauma, attachment, parenting, relationships, mindfulness and holistic psychotherapy methods. Laura brings you interesting discussions about our emotional experience of being human. You'll feel like a fly on the wall listening to Laura share her thoughts or discuss these topics with fellow professionals. Listen in and learn more about yourself!

info_outline 267: Understanding Polyvagal Theory with Deb Dana 03/05/2021
info_outline 266: Energy And Psychospiritual Work In Psychotherapy with Dr. Andy Hahn 02/26/2021
info_outline 265: Energy Healing, Psychospiritual Work + Somatic Psychology with Dr Andy Hahn 02/19/2021
info_outline 264: Everyday Resilience - Protect Against Burnout with Dr. Gail Gazelle 02/12/2021
info_outline 263: Physician Burnout with Dr Gail Gazelle 02/05/2021
info_outline 262: High Functioning Anxiety with Nancy Jane Smith 01/29/2021
info_outline 261: Understanding The Process Psychedelic Somatic Trauma Therapy with Saj Razvi 01/18/2021
info_outline 260: How Psychedelic Medicine Can Help In Trauma Recovery with Saj Razvi 01/15/2021
info_outline 259: Looking Back On 2020 And Looking Ahead To 2021 01/01/2021
info_outline 258: Getting Through The Holidays with Sharon Martin 12/25/2020
info_outline 257: Inherited Family Trauma with Mark Wolynn 12/18/2020
info_outline 256: Infant Mental Health with Dr. Janet Courtney 12/11/2020
info_outline 255: Expressive + Play Therapies, Nature + Mindfulness For Traumatised Children + Families with Dr. Janet Courtney 12/04/2020
info_outline 254: The Holidays + Family Dysfunction with Sharon Martin 11/27/2020
info_outline 253: Family Estrangement with Tina Gilbertson 11/20/2020
info_outline 252: Teletherapy With Kids with Dr. Roseann Cappana-hodge 11/13/2020
info_outline 251: Perfectly Hidden Depression with Dr. Margaret Rutherford 11/06/2020
info_outline 250: Overcoming Perfectionism with Sharon Martin-LCSW 10/31/2020
info_outline 249: Transformation Through Adversity with Dr. Suzy Ross 10/23/2020
info_outline 248: Clinical Hypnotherapy For Performance Anxiety with Elisa Dinapoli 10/16/2020
info_outline 247: Gentle Self Care From An Ayurvedic Perspective with Gracy Obuchowicz 10/09/2020
info_outline 246: Understanding The Process Of Trauma Therapy with Dr Gretchen Schmelzer 10/02/2020
info_outline 245: Trauma, Attachment, Compassion + Yoga In Therapy with Deirdre Fay 09/26/2020
info_outline 244: Surprising Sources Of Childhood Trauma From Family Origin - With Sharon Martin 09/18/2020
info_outline 243: Chronic Illness & Trauma 09/11/2020
info_outline 242: Childhood Trauma + Our Physical + Mental Health With Dr. Gabor Mate 09/04/2020
info_outline EP241: The Primal Wound Of Adoption + Eco Therapy With Any Sugeno 08/28/2020
info_outline 240: Childhood Emotional Neglect: What Is It + How Does It Impact Relationships? With Dr Jonice Webb 08/24/2020
info_outline 239: Buddhist Psychology + Self Compassion with Tim Ambrose Desmond 08/15/2020
info_outline 238: Energy Healing For Trauma, Chronic Pain + Chronic Illness With Casey Hersch 08/01/2020