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Corporate Escapees

It is estimated 43% of white-collar workers will leave their corporate jobs and become self-employed knowledge workers in the future. Is this you? This a road our interview guests have gone down. Corporate Escapees Podcast is dedicated to sharing inspiring escapee stories with honest setbacks and no corporate BS. They take us through their roller coaster ride sharing lessons along the way. They talk through their key learnings, daily habits and productivity tips. It is heartfelt and raw. All this in 30 minutes. No story or suggestion is the same. If there was a perfect formula, it would not be so rewarding after all. The problems you face are most likely similar to those solved by our guests who are simply further down their path than you. Some past guests include: Josh Stanton Screw the Nine to Five Ep53 James Schramko Super Fast Business Ep61 Nathan Chan Foundr magazine Ep72 Matt Barnet Bonjoro Ep73 Lydia Lee Screw the Cubicle Ep84 Lisa Sweeney Business in Heels Ep90 Find show notes at https://buildlivegive.com/podcast This podcast will help you fast track your pursuit of Freedom. If you know of an employee turned self-employed knowledge expert (coach, consultant etc) who would make a great guest, please send their details to support@buildlivegive.com

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