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Charity Tourist is a not a charity organization its a movement that connects the charitable traveler with local charities across America around the world. Providing the traveler with real and authentic experiences by connecting them with national or local charities and the local people in the places that they visit. While not all charity work is fun, being a charitable tourist will make a meaningful impact on both the traveler and the host community, that will last longer than memories itself. Increasingly travelers and vacationers want to give back to the communities where they go by getting involved in local charities, volunteering on vacation and donating where it counts. Charity Tourist helps them find worthy causes. The Charity Tourist podcast updates the listener with information about charitable events across America and around the world, in both the most popular vacation destinations and the lesser know vacation spots. In addition to featuring charities, CharityTourist interviews celebrities and notable people who use their success to team up with charitable organizations. Most importantly we discuss how the listener can get involved and where the the can help. Each show challenges you to get involved with charities in the places you visit. We ask that when you volunteer on vacation or donate in you preferred destination or act as a Charity Tourist, that you take a picture of yourself in action post it on you favorite social media outlet and share it with us, tag us or use one of 3 hashtags #CharityTourist , #VacationVolunteer or #DestinationDonor Together we can make the world a better place by being charitable and investing in the places that we visit. Please follow and subscribe to Charity Tourist for travel tips and to participate in challenges Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charitytourist/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CharityTourist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charitytourist/ Website: http://charitytourist.libsyn.com

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