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The Public Sphere

A weekly discussion from the editors of Contrivers' Review. Cover Art: This photograph is part of the Fonds André Cros, preserved by the city archives of Toulouse and released under CC BY-SA 4.0 license by the deliberation n°27.3 of June 23rd, 2017 of the Town Council of the City of Toulouse.

info_outline Free as in Market 03/22/2019
info_outline The New Left 03/11/2019
info_outline Reacting to the State of Emergency 02/16/2019
info_outline Research Interests: Neoliberalism 02/08/2019
info_outline The Literal Opium of the Masses 01/22/2019
info_outline Representing the Working Class 01/15/2019
info_outline Partisanship 12/14/2018
info_outline Reconsidering Fascism in America 11/30/2018
info_outline Ryan Zinke and Public Use 11/16/2018
info_outline The Midterm Elections and Matthew Whitaker 11/10/2018
info_outline The Sokal Hoax Returns 10/19/2018
info_outline The Kavanaugh Hearings 10/02/2018
info_outline Culture and Philanthropy in Silicon Valley 09/21/2018
info_outline The Second Gilded Age with Wes Bishop 09/14/2018
info_outline Anonymous Emergency Podcast 09/06/2018
info_outline The Left Wing of the Possible 09/06/2018
info_outline Truth and Collusion 08/02/2018
info_outline Normativity and Political Philosophy with Mark G.E. Kelly 07/07/2018
info_outline Rafael Khachaturian and the DSA 06/14/2018
info_outline On Scott Pruitt 06/07/2018
info_outline How Money Corrupts Higher Ed 05/30/2018
info_outline The Teachers’ Strikes and the Labor Movement 05/20/2018
info_outline Buying a Think Tank 05/10/2018
info_outline Updating the Imperial Presidency 05/05/2018
info_outline Searching for Water in CA's Central Valley 04/26/2018
info_outline Sean Guillory and the Russian Revolution 04/12/2018
info_outline How do you cut Facebook in half? 04/05/2018
info_outline Interview with Wes Bishop 03/30/2018
info_outline The Administrative School 03/09/2018
info_outline Paul Manafort and Russia 03/01/2018