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The Crypto Community Podcast

Welcome to The Crypto Community Podcast. I’m Dustin Plantholt, your host. Join me on this journey to educate the masses on the revolutionary and innovative phenomenon known as cryptocurrency & blockchain; and on the pioneering & impactful players that are changing our world. The Crypto Community Podcast is a show for the crypto community, by the crypto community. This is a show where we learn to listen and educate ourselves on what we should do next. If you’re like me, there are times this space can seem confusing; times you will read something and not fully understand it. What you ultimately need is someone to break it down for you ... step-by-step. On this show we're going to talk to the innovators—those that literally wrote the book on crypto. We’re going to teach you what you didn’t know, and open your eyes to the things you thought you knew. It will ultimately get you back to a place where you’re learning to listen, and listen carefully. I challenge you to share it with your friends to bring them on this journey with us, diving into this new digital asset class, and together learning things that we never knew before. (or learning things that we never could have imagined.)

info_outline Russell & Kagen from Tantra Labs 05/04/2021
info_outline Intro 04/27/2021