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National Security, Politics, Religion, Social Justice and Critical Thinking

In this podcast we will discuss current affairs centered around national security, politics, religion, and social justice issues. Our goal is not to give our listeners the answers but rather to encourage them to discover their own authentic truth. My goal is to encourage people to think beyond their comfort zones. I want to encourage people to recognize their biases and challenge themselves to extend their thinking to consider different points of view. Incidentally, I do not see "bias" automatically as a negative word. We all go through the day with our preconceived ideas; they help us survive. However, when our biases get in the way of critical thinking, those biases become chains that shackle us and hinder our growth and development. I would like listeners to realize they are not their thoughts, nor their emotions, and they have a choice to accept their thoughts and feelings or reject them. #nationalsecurity #politics #Religion #socialjustice

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