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The EarthUP Podcast

People. Planet. Profit. Together, they make up the triple bottom line. However, it's not always obvious where to start when aligning the triple bottom line. Well, as with so much change, aligning the triple bottom line begins at home and not just for individuals but for corporations too. Whether you're a CEO running a Fortune 500 company or you're running your household, we're here to help you simplify sustainability. EarthUP’s CEO, Stephen Bay, will be joined by experts, innovators, and lifelong adventurers to break down some of today’s biggest topics affecting the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits. What does a sick building do to your health? Why should corporations be invested in biodiversity? How can I help create better working conditions and happier employees at my company? We’ll cover these questions, and so much more, in a candid conversation about reshaping work culture. Best of all, you'll discover how taking care of people and planet will also help you profit whether that means tightening your household budget or reducing corporate costs. Aligning the triple bottom line isn't about sacrifice; it's about synergy.

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