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Eureka Entrepreneur

Every business has its own story. Each month, Humboldt Made Executive Director Alanna Powell sits down with the people who put their blood, sweat and tears into making their dreams come true. These are the stories behind Eureka’s businesses, this is…Eureka Entrepreneur.

info_outline Episode Nine: Pen and Pine 10/26/2018
info_outline FlashBack Friday: Eureka Entrepreneur Episode 1 09/28/2018
info_outline Episode Eight: Humboldt Bay Provisions 08/24/2018
info_outline Episode Seven: John Salizzoni 07/27/2018
info_outline Special CAPE Media Podcast Bonanza! 07/02/2018
info_outline Episode Six: Friday Night Market 06/22/2018
info_outline Episode Five: Dave's Place 05/25/2018
info_outline Episode Four: The Bodega 04/27/2018
info_outline Episode 3: Mark Carter 03/23/2018
info_outline Episode Two: Arts and Drafts 02/23/2018
info_outline Episode One: Humboldt Craft Spirits 01/26/2018
info_outline Eureka Entrepreneur 01/15/2018