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Financialstatementstory's Podcast

The Financial Statement Story Podcast helps you read financial statements like a book so you can grow your profits, cash returns and your career.

info_outline Ep# 37: What you need to know about Above and Below the line management 05/03/2015
info_outline EP# 36: 4 Ways to Grow Your Business 03/30/2015
info_outline EP# 35: Deciphering Definitions in the Balance Sheet 03/22/2015
info_outline EP# 34: Secrets to understanding key definitions in the Income Statement 03/10/2015
info_outline EP# 33: How to Grow Profits and Generate More Cash Using The Money Map 02/16/2015
info_outline EP# 32: The 3 Blind Spots You Need to Be Aware of in any Business 02/09/2015
info_outline EP# 31: Case Study: How to Overcome Organizational Apathy 02/02/2015
info_outline EP# 30: How to Scale and Grow Your Business 01/26/2015
info_outline EP# 29: Invest like Warren Buffett 09/23/2014
info_outline Ep#28: Benefits and Pitfalls of EBITDA 09/23/2014
info_outline Ep # 27: Cash is King. A simple way to calculate cashflow 09/08/2014
info_outline FSS Ep #26: How the metrics Earnings per Share (EPS) and the Price/Earnings ratio give you clues into business performance. 09/02/2014
info_outline Ep# 25: Three Ways to think about Pricing Strategy 08/11/2014
info_outline FSS Ep# 24: The 7 Key ingredients to crafting stories that will sell your ideas, products and services 08/06/2014
info_outline FSS Ep# 23: How to make your boss look good and enhance your career 07/28/2014
info_outline Episode #22: How Avatars can help guide your business decisions 07/21/2014
info_outline Ep #22: How Avatars Can Help Guide Your Business Decisions 07/21/2014
info_outline Ep #21: Why a clean balance sheet is the most important business requirement 07/14/2014
info_outline Ep #20: How to use Benchmarking for Performance Improvement 07/07/2014
info_outline Ep #19: How to Avoid the Perils of an ERP Implementation 06/30/2014
info_outline EP #18: Don’t Talk to the Monkey When You Should be Speaking to the Organ Grinder 06/23/2014
info_outline EP #17: Compliance Can’t Take You Where Commitment Can Go 06/16/2014
info_outline EP #16: Good Debt Versus Bad Debt 06/09/2014
info_outline EP #15: How Vanity, Sanity and the King All Work Together to Deliver a Return on Capital Employed 06/02/2014
info_outline EP #14: The One Strategic Measure of Value Creation 05/26/2014
info_outline EP #13: The Secret To Cash-Positive Growth 05/19/2014
info_outline EP #12: The Hunger Measure: the One Working Capital Metric 05/12/2014
info_outline EP #11: How to Understand Working Capital 05/05/2014
info_outline The Secret to Engaging Your Employees in Driving Financial Performance 04/28/2014