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Oblivious Bias

FREEDOM OF SPEECH SPORTS PODCAST NETWORK was founded by Luis Orlando Gonzalez to give a voice back to the fan. To give voice to the ex player who knows the game better than the guy on TV who has his position not thru experience but thru his piece of paper and hard work and given the proper chance anyone, myself included ,wishes they had. To give voice to the cheerleader or dancer who knows the game loves the game and understands it so much they got themselves the best seats in the house. This site, This forum is to be a testament to the freedom of telling it like it is and anything that is awesome. To be able to give your true feeling in a place short of violence where topics can be debated discussed and possibly solved thru the use of a persons whole thought rather than a watered down version of it, to be expressed by the proper channel it should, us the informed public. I love sports, truly one of the most fascinating vehicles in the paradigm of fame success and to be able to help the less fortunate who can be other wise doomed to a life of mundaneness and a utter waste of talent. I played seven years of football. 4 year senior in high school in football, 2 years of track doing shot and disk, 2 years of NAIA football at USM where I started at left guard my freshman year, and walked on and missed making a D1 roster by one day. Asked by my grandparents for help I was only able to complete three years of college in my field. Forever a Junior I do intend on finishing my degree, however I felt a compelling and overwhelming need to provide a platform for people like me who might not normally have a way to communicate their opinion, right or wrong. This will be a area of understanding but also a area where you are free to vehemently disagree with me my staff my fans and followers or anyone else you might have grievances with…let us know….maybe somebody cares….maybe not….Enjoy the true and unbridled beauty that the first amendment intended when written and shoot the shit about your favorite squad while your at it……Grab a Beer or a blunt or a pack of smokes and get ready to get your feathers ruffled, from here on in your words are your currency so keep your head on a swivel and enjoy the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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