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Free Court Show with Jason Hartman

The Free Court podcast explores how technology provides new ways to find, hire, and work with attorneys. The emergence of Unbundled Legal Services where clients pay a flat fee per project instead of hourly rates is disrupting the legal profession while expanding access to high quality legal services with affordable prices. Listen and learn how you can benefit from crowdsourced justice as Jason Hartman interviews the innovators and disruptors who are connecting people with the legal documents, talent, and advice needed for individuals to navigate and leverage the American justice system for a fraction of the cost of traditional legal services. The FreeCourt podcast can connect you with frequently used legal documents for Family Law (Marriage, Divorce, Wills, Power of Attorney, Living Trust, Probate), Business Formation (LLC Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, S-Corp, Confidentiality Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements), Intellectual Property (Trademark, Copyright, Patents, Recording Contracts), Real Estate (Rental/Lease Agreement, Commercial Lease Agreements, Real Estate Transactions and Transfers, Sublease Agreement, Mortgage Agreement), and common contracts (Sales Agreements, Licensing, NDA's) all of which can be customized for your use. Many arbitration, mediation, dispute, and conflict resolution services are appearing online and Jason Hartman's Free Court podcast can help you find the legal tools you need for empowered self representation in many facets of your life. From your business, to your family each of these aspects of law can now be managed with high quality at low cost. Guests on the FreeCourt podcast include Aydin Bonabi (Jurbid.com), Ashish Walia (LawTrades.com), Dr. Karin Huffer (EqualAccessAdvocates.com), Adil HIrani (LawDepot.com), Matthew Horn (LegalServicesLink.com), Joel Trachtman (Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University), Nika Kabiri (Avvo.com), Jasper Kim (AsiaPacificGlobal.com), Bill Eddy (HighConflictInstitute.com), and Susan Saladoff (HotCoffeeTheMovie.com). Join Jason Hartman and listen to the FreeCourt podcast and learn how you can empower yourself to effectively participate in the American judicial system without paying large law firms a fortune.

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