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Fund Your Adoption with Jeremy Resmer

Fund Your Adoption is a podcast created for you, the family considering adoption or struggling through the fundraising process. If you are looking for inspiring stories, financial resources and actionable advice that will empower you to breakthrough the financial barriers and finance your adoption debt-free, then this show is for you. Each episode highlights fundraising successes and failures, resources and creative ideas from other families and adoption professionals. Visit http://fundyouradoption.tv/podcasts and never miss an episode!

info_outline How To Choose Your Adoption Airfare – with Tabitha Lovell 02/18/2015
info_outline Understanding The Adoption Tax Credit - with Becky Wilmoth 02/10/2015
info_outline Life-Changing Adoption Grants - with Becky Fawcett 02/03/2015
info_outline How To Overcome The Up-Front Costs of Adoption - with Jeremy Resmer 01/29/2015
info_outline 5 Ways Lifesong For Orphans Can Help You Fund Your Adoption - with Rich Metcalfe 01/13/2015
info_outline The Both Hands Project - with J.T. Olson 01/06/2015
info_outline AdoptTogether – with Hank Fortener 12/30/2014
info_outline Fact vs. Fiction And What You Need To Know About Foster Care Adoption - with Rita Soronen 12/23/2014
info_outline T-Shirt Fundraising For Adoption - with Brian Marks 12/16/2014
info_outline Insanely Creative Adoption Fundraisers - Lindsy Wallace 12/09/2014
info_outline Crowdfunding Your Adoption - with Mike Rusch 12/05/2014
info_outline $47K And A Debt-Free Adoption - with Lori Resmer 11/20/2014
info_outline Fund Your Adoption - with Jeremy Resmer 11/14/2014