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Good Life Central Oregon Podcast

The Good Life Central Oregon Podcast interviews Central Oregonians with a particularly interesting story in the fields of music, art, food & beer, the outdoors, business, sports, etc. We dig deep and then ask them why they live in Central Oregon and their advice on living the Good Life.

info_outline GLCO 29 ~ Musings on music, the four hour work week, world travel and rocking to very small fans with Victor Johnson 06/15/2015
info_outline GLCO 28 ~ The World On The Water with Kiley & Lynette from WOW Boards 05/19/2015
info_outline GLCO 27 ~ From doodling in the margins of a small community to growing up and going big with artist Adam Haynes 05/06/2015
info_outline GLCO 26 ~ Finding balance through family, racing and spinal adjustments with Doctor of PT, Greg Zadow 04/21/2015
info_outline GLCO 25 ~ From Wildlife Biologist To One Mother Of A Brewer With Veronica Vega (From Deschutes Brewery) 04/06/2015
info_outline GLCO 24 ~ How a world-class paddler started making guitars for world-class musicians with Jayson Bowerman 03/25/2015
info_outline GLCO 23 ~ How she became a modern day, barefoot, acoustic, “International” troubador and athlete with my buddy Beth Wood 03/06/2015
info_outline GLCO 22 ~ Finding purpose in his second life; One man’s war to save America’s lost veterans one fish at a time with Brett Miller 02/19/2015
info_outline GLCO 21 ~ Finding Joy in skiing, competition, coaching and beyond with Olympian Ben Husaby 02/03/2015
info_outline GLCO 20 ~ Recap of 2014 GLCO Podcast Highlights 01/14/2015
info_outline GLCO 19 ~ Discovering the path of a lost boy to an international leader and Central Oregon with Pastor Mike Silva 12/19/2014
info_outline GLCO 18 ~ The value of a great smile and volleyball as a business school with Dr. Blair Struble 12/05/2014
info_outline GLCO 17 ~ Turning Despair to Hope and the Broken into Unbreakable; Take a walk up the driveway with Troy and Kim Meeder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch 11/16/2014
info_outline GLCO 16 ~ Discovering a world of adventure through the written word, a broken heart and a moldy tent with freelance writer, Tim Neville (Redux) 11/08/2014
info_outline GLCO 15 ~ Life after retirement… filled with fitness, adventure and multiple world records with Tom Landis 10/19/2014
info_outline GLCO 14 ~ Paradise lost and found: Tale of a homeless hippy child that became fierce and independent while working with top chefs in Europe, with Chef Rose Archer 10/07/2014
info_outline GLCO 13 (Part 2) - Stories of seasonal migratory work as an NFL lineman, Green Bay Packers hall of famer, author, entrepreneur, coach and college professor Ken Ruettgers 09/25/2014
info_outline GLCO 13 (Part 1) ~ Stories of seasonal migratory work as an NFL lineman, Green Bay Packers hall of famer, author, entrepreneur, coach and college professor Ken Ruettgers 09/22/2014
info_outline GLCO 12 ~ Remembering the “Golden” rule and how to turn failing students into amazing students with successful educator, superintendent and underdog advocate, Jim Golden. 09/01/2014
info_outline GLCO 11 ~ Pediatrician and entrepreneur, Dr. Rick Cuddihy talks to us about medicine, passion, risk, cycling, problems and solutions with healthcare and his take on the Good Life in Central Oregon 08/19/2014
info_outline GLCO 10 ~ Pursuing perfection and passion despite a 20 year layover. Preston Thompson of Thompson Guitars tells us about his return to how he makes the Good Life sound so good. 08/03/2014
info_outline GLCO 09 - Risk Passion Pioneering Art and Music in Central Oregon with Dennis McGregor.mp3 07/22/2014
info_outline GLCO - 8 A conversation with Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Jay Mather and his tales of the worst and best of humanity.mp3 07/10/2014
info_outline GLCO 7 Bridging the gap between wayward students and a very Good Life in the water with Greg Bridges of Eager Beaver Surf Company.mp3 06/19/2014
info_outline GLCO 06 - Becoming a Mountain Man at age 50 and a Caveman at 60. A story of life long reinvention with Brent McGregor.mp3 06/08/2014
info_outline GLCO 5 - Finding the Athletes Swagger with coach, trainer & business owner: Tate Metcalf.mp3 05/21/2014
info_outline GLCO 04 - Together on the water with Dave & Meg Chun of Kialoa Paddles.mp3 05/05/2014
info_outline GLCO 03 - Perspectives of Olympian & Hall of Fame Beach Volleyball Pioneer, Miki McFadden 04/16/2014
info_outline GLCO 02 - How to really, REALLY taste beer with Deschutes Brewery's tasting guru, Amanda Benson 03/22/2014
info_outline GLCO 01 Pursuing perfection with a guitar and Hobbs the Man 02/17/2014