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The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio

Tune in to hear your host Hilary Hendershott, CFP®, MBA, a fiduciary financial advisor, inspire and empower women on their financial and professional journeys. Profit Boss® Radio features both real-life listener stories and expert guest series on how to overcome financial obstacles and attain financial success. Get comfortable thinking and talking about money, and join a powerful tribe of women who are casting off self-limiting beliefs, deciding to be rich, and learning how to reach their financial potential. Hilary’s pragmatic approach to money, no-nonsense attitude, and sophisticated topics combine to create a podcast worthy of its 5-star rating. To learn more about Hilary, read, listen, or watch the show, follow the blog, or to connect directly visit www.hilaryhendershott.com. By Hilary Hendershott, CFP®, MBA, Fiduciary Financial Advisor

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