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"IF THEY KNEW" with Dr. Devin

"If They Knew" is designed to inspire and ignite the FIRE in your soul! The mission is to create conversation and new possibilities in HEALTH & HOPE, LIFE & LOVE, and TRUTH & TRANSFORMATION. Dr. Devin Vrana is a Mother of 5, Chiropractor/Acupuncturist, Motivational Speaker, Dreamer, and a Lil Lady from the Heartland with Big Ideas and a Big Vision for what it means to LIVE a Vibrantly ALIVE Life. Come play along! And let's fall madly in love with tapping into our full power and potential!

info_outline No More "They Say" - New Era in Pediatrics with Dr. Larry Palevsky 04/17/2023
info_outline You Must BE PRESENT to Win! with Dr. Stew Bittman 12/23/2022
info_outline Gifts from The Past - Healing Stories & Trauma 12/08/2022
info_outline PEACE & Purpose in PAIN 11/10/2022
info_outline The HEART of The Big Idea 10/27/2022
info_outline Mama Bear & Miracles featuring Rachel Hauber 10/18/2022
info_outline ADIO w/ Dr. Hali Banda & Dr. Joey Vrana 10/12/2022
info_outline NEW SEASON!! - ADIO w/ Dr. Devin 10/07/2022
info_outline The Warrior Inside! 12/07/2021
info_outline The Healthcare Awakening 11/18/2021
info_outline If They Knew- Expecting Miracles (Part 2) 11/11/2021
info_outline Expecting Miracles (Part 1) - Lona Cook & Ben Tapper 11/04/2021
info_outline The Autism Battle 10/28/2021
info_outline The Power of Forgiveness! 10/25/2021
info_outline FREE YOUR HEALTH! 10/21/2021
info_outline The Medical Rebels 10/19/2021
info_outline Take Control of Your Own Health! 10/14/2021
info_outline The Lunatic Farmer 10/11/2021
info_outline The Herbalist Revolution 10/07/2021
info_outline The Big Idea Recap- Part 2 08/17/2021
info_outline The Big Idea Recap- PT 1 08/13/2021
info_outline Empowered Medicine w/ Janna Hibler 08/05/2021
info_outline Kim German - BrainSpotting Practitioner 07/14/2021
info_outline Devin & Devin Episode 07/07/2021
info_outline Dark Night of the Soul 07/01/2021
info_outline The Time is NOW! - Dr. Ben Tapper 06/10/2021
info_outline Trauma is the Catalyst for Change - feat. Alec Zeck 06/07/2021
info_outline 10 Keys to Health featuring Dr. Bradley Campbell 06/03/2021
info_outline History & Vision of THE BIG IDEA 06/02/2021
info_outline BREATH IS LIFE feat. Andrew Genovese 05/24/2021