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In Layman's Terms

Have you noticed the path to success isn't always what you think? In Layman's Terms is designed to help you break through comfort zones, shorten the learning curve and succeed in business through the power of your relationships. You'll hear CEOs, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and experts share their strategies, mindset and specific how to's you can apply to your business and life.

info_outline KC RISE 07/09/2018
info_outline Notes to Self 04/17/2018
info_outline All In 02/19/2018
info_outline Dog Pawz 11/04/2017
info_outline Entrepreneurship, Experience & Hustle 10/02/2017
info_outline Keep Them S.A.F.E. 09/06/2017
info_outline Lotuspool Records 08/22/2017
info_outline Small Changes, Big Shifts 08/08/2017
info_outline High Performance Marketing 07/17/2017
info_outline Hitting a Connecting Homerun 06/15/2017
info_outline FacePrint 06/01/2017
info_outline How to Become an Opportunity Maker 05/15/2017
info_outline Build, Solve, Evolve 05/01/2017
info_outline Profit With Purpose 04/16/2017
info_outline How What I Didn't Know Helped Me 04/03/2017
info_outline From Head Noise to Muscle Metrics 03/20/2017
info_outline A Quiz Builder 'How To" with the Co-Founder of Interact 03/07/2017
info_outline Impacting Pet Homelessness Through Innovative Leadership 02/21/2017
info_outline Meetings Suck 02/07/2017
info_outline Conbody 01/24/2017
info_outline Tailwag 01/13/2017
info_outline Mental Toughness 12/31/2016
info_outline Pluck, Luck & Perseverance 12/12/2016
info_outline Chef Driven Twists 11/25/2016
info_outline The Ultimate People Business 11/08/2016
info_outline Crystal Knows 10/25/2016
info_outline Men Are Asleep 10/11/2016
info_outline The Winds of Turbulence 09/28/2016
info_outline Dogs, Roses & EBT 09/13/2016
info_outline Non-traditional Non-profit Leadership 08/23/2016