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Innovation Unleashed Podcast

Innovation Unleashed engages curious people who love discovering the “what’s next” in technology solutions to help all of us live better lives. Hosted by Dr. Alan Russell, an innovation expert who has appeared on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the Top 100 People Who Will Change America, listeners will meet a variety of innovators who will talk about how innovation and technology will shape the future and impact the way that we live. We will be discussing things like driverless cars, robot surgeons, artificial intelligence, 3D printed organs…disruptive technologies destined to play a significant role in the future of humankind.

info_outline Rapid Detection of Infectious Disease 01/17/2020
info_outline Using DNA to Treat Genetic Diseases 11/26/2019
info_outline Tummlers Help Create Successful Innovation Communities 09/30/2019
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info_outline Reshaping the World with Machine Learning 02/22/2019
info_outline Saving the World’s Water from Our Own Destruction 01/04/2019
info_outline The Making of Schmoopie, Uncle Sam, Betsy Ross, Pepperoni, and Monster Max 11/19/2018
info_outline Mission Critical Platform 10/30/2018
info_outline Under Attack 09/26/2018
info_outline Studying the Brilliant Brain 09/05/2018
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info_outline Warrior of Innovation 04/16/2018
info_outline Dead Center 03/28/2018
info_outline 10 trillion cells and 10 billion miles of DNA 03/13/2018
info_outline Health XL in Pittsburgh - Special Episode 02/22/2018
info_outline Creating Artificial Lungs 01/29/2018
info_outline Blood Vessels: Brain Freeze, Disease and Circling the Earth Three Times. 01/17/2018
info_outline Monte Carlo, Hypothetical Structures and Atomic Solutions to Big Problems 12/27/2017
info_outline Printing Replacement Organs and Body Parts 11/30/2017
info_outline Living to be 1000: Aging is a Curable Disease 11/07/2017
info_outline It’s Not Easy Being Green 10/24/2017
info_outline Innocent or Guilty? 10/03/2017
info_outline SolePower is the Future 09/18/2017