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Innovative Nurse Show

If you're looking to become an ultra-savvy nurse, then this is the platform that can you get there. Whether a budding business owner, or a seasoned entrepreneur, this is where I administer your shot of business, technology, and everything in between. This show is infused with the tips and tricks to help you become the innovative nurse you’re striving to be.

info_outline Discounting Your Fees INS 29 10/12/2015
info_outline Getting Good With Yourself INS 28 08/27/2015
info_outline Creating Your Business Avatar INS 27 07/10/2015
info_outline Q&A Friday, Let's See Where We Can Take This INS 26 05/22/2015
info_outline Mindset Is Everything To Your Success INS 25 05/08/2015
info_outline Benefits Of Attending A Conference INS 24 04/24/2015
info_outline Theming Your Days To Get Things Done INS 23 04/10/2015
info_outline Is Your Job Getting In The Way Of Your Entrepreneurial Endeavor? INS 22 04/03/2015
info_outline Do You Need Office Space Outside Of The Home? INS 21 03/27/2015
info_outline Can Your Personal Relationship Thrive As An Entrepreneur? INS 20 03/20/2015
info_outline How You Should Be Curating Content EPS 18 02/27/2015
info_outline Why You Should Be Curating Content INS 17 02/20/2015
info_outline Hiring Your First Employee INS 16 01/30/2015
info_outline What's Stopping You From Making A Change? INS 15 01/23/2015
info_outline If You're Still Set On Using FIverr Then Here Are Some Tips INS 14 01/14/2015
info_outline Using Fiverr In Your Business EPS 13 01/09/2015
info_outline Your New Year Is A Constant EPS 12 01/02/2015
info_outline Tips To Finding The Right Business Partner EPS 11 12/19/2014
info_outline Interview On The Nursing Career Transformation Roundtable EPS 10 12/12/2014
info_outline Innovate And Pivot If You Want Your Business To Survive INS 09 12/05/2014
info_outline Tips To Negotiate Your Fees As An Entrepreneur INS 08 11/18/2014
info_outline Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs INS EPS 07 11/08/2014
info_outline What Is A Nurse Consultant? INS EPS 06 10/24/2014
info_outline Starting Your Own Nurse Staffing Agency INS Episode 05 10/18/2014
info_outline So You Think You're An Entrepreneur? INS Episode 04 10/11/2014
info_outline Let's Get That Business Organized. INS Episode 03 10/06/2014
info_outline What Kind Of Business Do I Start? INS Episode 02 09/27/2014
info_outline Ten Reasons To Start A Business INS Episode 01 09/22/2014