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A podcast about stories of questionable legality produced by investigative reporter Alissa Fleck.

info_outline EP#12--InCels, Pick Up Artists, and the Friend Zone: Toxic Masculinity Abounds 05/11/2018
info_outline EP#11--The Man Who Tried To Cure Cancer With Lemonade 05/08/2018
info_outline EP#10--WebSleuths, Crowdsourcing & The Golden State Killer 05/01/2018
info_outline EP#9--Accidental Killers 04/25/2018
info_outline EP#8--The Surprising Secret Life of "Realborn" Baby Dolls 03/30/2018
info_outline EP#7--Peremptory Challenges & Racial Bias in the US Legal System: The Case of Curtis Flowers 03/14/2018
info_outline EP#6--Death & Corruption on Wall Street 02/28/2018
info_outline EP#5--Sometimes I Part My Wig in the Middle, and Sometimes I Tease it a Little! 01/12/2018
info_outline EP#4--Are The Deaths Of 80 Doctors Connected? (A Murder Mystery) 12/19/2017
info_outline EP#3 The Long Con (PART II) 12/06/2017
info_outline EP#3--Your Internet Job May Be Illegal & You Don't Even Know It (PART I) 11/29/2017
info_outline EP#2--Nazis in Costumes & Extreme Haunted Housing (Halloween Edition) 10/25/2017
info_outline EP#1--How Not To Disappear: Stories of Death Fraud Gone Wrong 10/15/2017