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Jake Of All Trades

Every week Jake Rivas, Financial Advisor To Millennials, will hit the streets, coffee shops, and restaurants to get raw feedback from YOU about the real financial obstacles you are facing today. Jake will help you take the guesswork out of managing your money choices while curating and sharing the the best advice and insights into making smart money choices. Jakes Two Cents will help you navigate credit, financial debt, saving for the future, student loans, mortgages, travel, money, lifestyle, and more. You will get real life tools you can use to take control of your financial future. Submit your questions to [email protected] , contact twitter.com/jakestwocents, Facebook @jakestwocents Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Fixed insurance products and services offered through CES Insurance Agency. Actual performance and results will vary. These interviews do not constitute a recommendation as to the suitability of any investment for any person or persons having circumstances similar to those portrayed. Consult a Financial Advisor regarding your specific circumstances.

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