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Spotlight on Software Development

What will be the next innovation in software? How do I progress from a software developer to a tech leader? How do I learn Functional Programming? What is happening in the Brisbane tech scene? These are some of the questions Nicola Steel will explore in her “Spotlight on Software Development” Series. As an IT and Digital Recruiter, much of her time is spent meeting interesting tech people in the software development industry. In this series of honest and informal interviews, Nicola talks to various tech professionals about their careers, projects, insights and opinions. The series will appeal to both software developers and software tech leaders who will come away with at least 3 tangible takeaways they can use in their careers.

info_outline How to maximise the benefits and overcome the challenges of working as a remote software developer with Damian Karzon 11/25/2019
info_outline Spotlight on Software Development - Episode 2: How to Transition from Object Orientated Programming to Functional Programming with John Novak 10/30/2019
info_outline How to transition from Software Developer to Tech Leader? with Paul Chiu 10/01/2019