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Joyriding In Autismland: Autism Podcast with Kid Gigawatt

Launched by parents of an infectiously funny and *mostly* happy boy on the spectrum, the Joyriding in Autismland podcast chats with ASD parents, kiddos, therapists, writers, and artists about the unexpected, charming, and funny moments with Autism. Because laughing? Is the best vacation. Find the show notes online at http://kidgigawatt.com/blogs/joyriding-in-autismland-podcast

info_outline 36 Jessica Kupferman | On ADHD, autism, and comb-overs. 06/13/2014
info_outline 35 Jen Turrell | On ABA, staffing up, and first plane rides 06/06/2014
info_outline 34 Officer Matt Brown | On why registering our kids saves lives, and on summertime safety on the spectrum 05/30/2014
info_outline 33 Kid Gigawatt | On 3 things that made us better autism parents, plus 5 coping tools for bumpy days 05/24/2014
info_outline 32 Patty Pacelli | On preparing younger kiddos for the workforce, what makes some people with autism fantastic hires, some of the best and worst jobs for people with autism, and about helpful work accommodations. 05/16/2014
info_outline 31 Kyle Crawford | On his new autism book, customized education, inclusion, laughing, and magical moments. (<--dolphins included!) 05/09/2014
info_outline 30 Kelley Fitch | On episodes 1-29 - a quick guide 05/03/2014
info_outline 29 Julie Cole | On labels, raising 6 kids, and running a successful business 04/25/2014
info_outline 28 Cynthia Lord | on her Newberry award-winning book, Rules, and what's next 04/18/2014
info_outline 27 Chris Brogan | On being a freak, a misfit, and a weirdo - and how that can make you a successful entrepreneur 04/11/2014
info_outline 26 Kid Gigawatt's Roman Holidays | On our summer road trip documentary plans 04/05/2014
info_outline 25 Rachel See | On the differences between music lessons and music therapy, customizing client sessions, and the benefits for our kiddos on the spectrum 03/28/2014
info_outline 24 Tim Villegas | On what true inclusion looks like, IDEA, and the Least Restrictive Environment 03/21/2014
info_outline 23 Tom Angleberger | On making Asperger's his superpower, and on being a NY Times best-selling author 03/14/2014
info_outline 22 Eric Tivers | On treating ADHD from both sides of the couch, forgetting your Mom's birthday, and the neurological equivalent of the polar vortex 03/08/2014
info_outline 21 Margret Ericsdottir | On raising a teenager with nonverbal autism, her documentary movie, and partnering with Kate Winslet 02/28/2014
info_outline 20 Andrew Solomon | On the fantasy of normal, neurodiversity, and the horizontal identity of autism 02/21/2014
info_outline 19 Elizabeth Mortati | On art therapy, outsider art, and directing The Art Department in Portland, Maine 02/14/2014
info_outline 18 Kara Wilson | On parenting a hilarious daughter with Asperger's, and the importance of humor in getting through 02/07/2014
info_outline 17 Jill Schacht | On Occupational Therapy, itchy sweaters, and getting to know kids on the spectrum 01/31/2014
info_outline 16 Sarah Bronson | On therapeutic horseback riding, and orchestrating as Executive Director of Riding to the Top in Windham Maine 01/24/2014
info_outline 15 Kid Gigawatt | On who we are, why autism therapies are so important, and why we do what we do 01/17/2014
info_outline 14 Wayne Gilpin | On laughing with autism, on becoming the powerhouse autism publishing company in America, and on his late son Alex 01/10/2014
info_outline 13 Alisa Anderson | On directing the adaptive ski program at Smuggler's Notch in Vermont, and the benefits of hitting the slopes on the spectrum 01/03/2014
info_outline 12 Jeff Waites | On Kid Gigawatt, having a son on the spectrum, and positive ions 12/27/2013
info_outline 11 Lauren O'Neil | On In-Home Support, having a brother on the spectrum, and working with the Romanator for over a year 12/20/2013
info_outline 10 Jennifer McIlwee Myers {Part 2} | On Aspies, Normies, Thor, the zombie apocalypse, and manscaping. 12/13/2013
info_outline 09 Jennifer McIlwee Myers {Part 1} | On autism in girls, and her family's prodigious coping skills. 12/13/2013
info_outline 08 Rupert Isaacson | On "The Horse Boy", and on putting your own dreams in service of those more vulnerable 12/06/2013
info_outline 07 Dan Korins | On singing his son's praises 11/29/2013