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Just Say Fuck

2020 was a series of dumpster fires that left us divided & starving for truth. JSF is an effort to bring back healthy dialogue between high-agency humans. Cancel culture & change cannot coexist. Doing the work is hard. Being human is hard. It's also pretty dope to be alive, especially when you level up your health, sovereignty & agency. We can no longer trust our mainstream experts & we believe in the conscious beings on the fringe, bucking the herd & saying hard things. JSW talks all things frontier & taboo, from biohacking to psychedelics to conspiracy theories. We take cancel culture head on & grant humans permission to be human, with humor, vulnerability & profanity.

info_outline Vaxx vs. Anti-vaxx: Don't fall for it 09/03/2021
info_outline Magnetic Gumbag with an Urgent Message in Clown World 06/19/2021
info_outline Real Estate Hunger Games 03/20/2021
info_outline Bias Awareness 02/12/2021
info_outline Self Healing & Relationships with Adrian Ellison 11/24/2020
info_outline Co-Creation & Leadership 11/02/2020
info_outline Full Body "Fuck No" with Dr. Tommy John 10/09/2020
info_outline Conscious Relationshipping 10/03/2020
info_outline Healing Trauma, Alternatively 09/12/2020
info_outline Initiation 08/19/2020
info_outline The Utility of Swear Words 08/13/2020
info_outline Maskdebating & Premature Certainty 08/06/2020
info_outline High-Agency Humans 07/28/2020
info_outline My Healing Journey 07/22/2020
info_outline The Verbal Plagiarism Episode 07/16/2020
info_outline The Inaugural Episode 07/14/2020