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Kenny Kane’s Positivity Project

Kenny Kane’s Positivity Project podcast - "The Masters Program" is a show about optimum human performance and experience. Host Kenny Kane talks with world class athletes, coaches, actors, musicians, health practitioners, business and thought leaders to explore what they do when they are operating at their best - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The show explores the process of individuals who are truly great at what they do. Honest conversations about successes and failures with those making contributions to their respective fields and truly doing what they love.

info_outline Jeremy Jones and Sean Manseau 11/10/2015
info_outline Something's Gotta Give; Just Talking To Myself 10/05/2015
info_outline Reforming Health 12/15/2014
info_outline Gary Reinl 12/08/2014
info_outline Taylar Stallings 11/24/2014
info_outline Mike Bledsoe, Doug Larson and Chris Norman 11/17/2014
info_outline Chriss Smith and Mark Semos 11/10/2014
info_outline Corey Reed and Michael Maina The Heart of a Champion 11/03/2014
info_outline Greg Amundson and Dr Nicholas Romanov 10/20/2014
info_outline Kelly Starrett, Bill Grundler and Troy Willis - The Resiliency Project 10/13/2014
info_outline Nicholas Romanov 10/06/2014
info_outline Justin Cotler and Corey Reed 09/29/2014
info_outline Jami Tikkanen, Jeremy Jones and TJ Murphy 09/22/2014
info_outline Ron Mathews 09/15/2014
info_outline Tony Budding and the future of the NPGL 09/04/2014
info_outline Logan Gelbrich 08/25/2014
info_outline Chyna Cho 08/18/2014
info_outline Jami Tikkanen 08/11/2014
info_outline Kelly and Juliet Starrett 08/04/2014
info_outline Christmas Abbott and Steph Hammerman - Superwomen 07/28/2014
info_outline Chris Doering 07/21/2014
info_outline Freddy Camacho 07/14/2014
info_outline Marcus Hendren 06/30/2014
info_outline Brian Mackenzie 06/23/2014
info_outline Carl Paoli - "Freestyling Life" 06/16/2014
info_outline Annie Sakamoto 06/09/2014
info_outline Bill Grundler & Chelsea Grigsby 06/02/2014
info_outline Armen Hammer and Scott McGee - The Wodcast Podcast perspective on CrossFit 05/19/2014
info_outline Andrea Ager - gettin' real 05/12/2014
info_outline Jamie Hagiya - "Hairography" 05/05/2014