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Keto For Normies

Welcome to Keto For Normies, a podcast hosted by Matt and Megha, the founders of KetoConnect, a ketogenic food blog and YouTube channel. Weekly we will have on guests from all walks of health, nutrition and business to give you insight into their relationship with the diet guidelines they follow and the businesses they run. We will also discuss specific topics surrounding the health and science of a ketogenic diet, give our personal advice and tips for being successful on a keto diet, and answer listener questions! Hosted By: Megha Barot and Matt Gaedke Email: Ketoconnect@gmail.com Food Blog: Ketoconnect.net Podcast Review Form: https://www.ketoconnect.net/podcast-review/ -- Intro Music: Music by Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud Music by @joakimkarudmusic

info_outline #136: Why You Shouldn't Eat Your Fruits And Veggies -- Dr. Paul Saladino 02/23/2020
info_outline #135: Are You Addicted To Sugar? -- Mike Collins 02/16/2020
info_outline #134: How Meal Prepping Can Lead To Your Keto Success! -- Aaron Day (Fat For Weight Loss) 02/09/2020
info_outline #133: Can You Breastfeed On A Keto Diet? 02/03/2020
info_outline #132: The Top 5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight 01/26/2020
info_outline #131: You'll Never Believe How Long Stone Age Mothers Breastfed Their Babies -- Dr. Phil Goscienski 01/19/2020
info_outline #130: Lost Over 300lbs. The Full Story -- Mike Gorman (@gormy_goes_keto) 01/09/2020
info_outline #129: Why Would You Consume Ketone Esters Over BHB Salts? -- Geoffrey Woo (CEO of HVMN) 01/05/2020
info_outline #128: Matt And Megha's Top Takeaways Of 2019 12/29/2019
info_outline #127: The One Food Causing The Most Problems (It's Not Sugar) -- Dr. Chris Knobbe 12/22/2019
info_outline #126: Healing Your Body Through Bone Broth -- Sharon Brown (CEO of Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth) 12/12/2019
info_outline #125: Pregnancy And Breastfeeding On A Carnivore Diet -- Nicole (@hangryforbacon) 12/08/2019
info_outline #124: Why Fat Is A Superior Fuel Source -- David Harper, PhD 12/01/2019
info_outline #123: The Keto Diet For Normal People -- 2KrazyKetos 11/21/2019
info_outline #122: Learning About Yourself Through Diet -- Jessica Dukes (@dailyketosis) 11/17/2019
info_outline #121: Planning Your Diet One Year In Advance -- Yemeni Mesa (@hekagoodfoods) 11/10/2019
info_outline #120: The Most Frequent Keto Questions Answered -- Kassey (@keto4karboholics) 11/03/2019
info_outline #119: A Nuanced Approach To The Carnivore Diet -- William Shewfelt 10/27/2019
info_outline #118: How A Southern Food Lover Lost Weight Using Keto -- Wes (@highfalutinlowcarb) 10/20/2019
info_outline #117: Everything You Want To Know About Nootropics -- Steve Cronin 10/13/2019
info_outline #116: What Is A Heart healthy Diet (Not Oatmeal) -- Stephen Hussey 10/06/2019
info_outline #115: How To Make Long Term Changes To Your Diet - Autumn Jones (@watchautumnketo) 09/28/2019
info_outline #114: Changing Your Relationship With Food -- Jessica Turton 09/22/2019
info_outline #113: Everything To Consider Before Getting Weight Loss Surgery -- Karen Wright 09/15/2019
info_outline #112: From Vegan To Carnivore And Everything In Between -- Sylvia Tabor (@biohacking.chick) 09/08/2019
info_outline #111: Healing Through Food And Energy -- Christina Rice 08/25/2019
info_outline #110: How Important Is Fasting On A Keto Diet? -- Megan Ramos 08/19/2019
info_outline #109: Reclaiming Your Gut Health -- Kristie Rice 08/18/2019
info_outline #108: The Good And The Bad On Social Media When Running A Food Blog -- Kyndra Holley (@peaceloveandlowcarb) 08/04/2019
info_outline #107: Nutrient Dense Plant Foods Vs. Nutrient Dense Animal Foods -- Chris Masterjohn, Phd. 08/03/2019