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Learning Life with Jon Tota

Take your skills to the next level! Learning Life talks to experts with the newest ideas and valuable insight to help you improve your business and your brain. Elevate your team and your work. Learning is as easy as tuning in.

info_outline #182 A New Wave of Equity in Vermont with Emiliano Void 09/29/2023
info_outline #181: Empowering Wellness with Ashley Reynolds 08/11/2023
info_outline #180: Lake Monsters Go Local with C.J. Knudsen 07/11/2023
info_outline #179 Part 2: Synchronicity Meditation led by Dr. Rob Williams 06/08/2023
info_outline #179 Part 1: Find Your Flow with Dr. Tom Myers and Dr. Rob Williams 06/08/2023
info_outline #178: Grit Gets It Done with Doug Lewis 04/21/2023
info_outline #177: Ready for Anything with Alex Hernandez 02/24/2023
info_outline #176: Laughing Matters with Jason Lorber 02/02/2023
info_outline #175: High Times in Vermont with Bridget Conry 12/06/2022
info_outline #174: A Blast from the Past with Beth Hill 10/06/2022
info_outline #173: Uncommon Farming with Will Raap 09/23/2022
info_outline #172: Rev Into Wellness with Sarah DeGray 08/19/2022
info_outline #171: Be Your Best with Kimberly DuBrul 08/11/2022
info_outline #170: Developing Vermont with Cassie Polhemus 07/22/2022
info_outline #169: Get In The Flow with Dr. Rob Williams 07/07/2022
info_outline #168 Think Big with Adam Hergenrother 06/28/2022
info_outline #167: Hands Down the Best with Jenna Sereni 05/20/2022
info_outline #166: Mighty AquaViTea with Jeff Weaber 05/06/2022
info_outline #165: A Force for Good with Duane Peterson 04/15/2022
info_outline #164: Diving Deep with Kai Cook 04/01/2022
info_outline #163: Hit the Ground Running with Riley Seith 03/17/2022
info_outline #162: Revitalize Rural with Louisa Schibli 03/03/2022
info_outline #161: Not Necessarily Unnecessary with Matty Benedetto 02/17/2022
info_outline #160: Planning for Cannabis with Will Read 02/10/2022
info_outline #159: Invest in Vermont with Cairn Cross 02/03/2022
info_outline #158: Back to Bolton with Lindsay DesLauriers 01/27/2022
info_outline #157: Raising the Bar with Kevin Pellon 01/21/2022
info_outline #156: Will Power with Byron Batres 01/13/2022
info_outline #155: Getting Moms on the Go with Sascha Mayer 01/06/2022
info_outline #154: The Art of Skis with Jason Levinthal 12/16/2021