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Level Up Your Band

This is the Level Up Your Band Podcast where Gavin Paterson and Julian Pombo will be talking about the art of running your own band. This is a place where you will learn how to get better gigs and grow your audience.

info_outline 76. What To Do When Being Auditioned 08/04/2021
info_outline 75. Should You Record Your Own Band? 07/28/2021
info_outline 74. Are Press Kits Still Relevant? 07/21/2021
info_outline 73. Level Up Your Spotify Game 07/14/2021
info_outline 72. How To Convert Your Band To In Ear Monitors 07/07/2021
info_outline 71. Stop Releasing Albums and EPs 06/30/2021
info_outline 70. Practice Practicing, Rehearse Rehearsing 06/23/2021
info_outline 69. Overcoming Negative Mindsets 06/16/2021
info_outline 68. A Method For Diagnosing A Band’s Failures 06/09/2021
info_outline 67. Interview With Aileen Sweeney And Ben Eames 06/02/2021
info_outline 66. How To Let Your Song Grow 05/26/2021
info_outline 65. The Rise And Fall Of: American Football 05/19/2021
info_outline 64. Staying True To Your Artistic Vision 05/12/2021
info_outline 63. Is Your Music Any Good? 05/05/2021
info_outline 62. Level Up Your Habits 04/28/2021
info_outline 61. Too Many Projects And Not Enough Time? 04/21/2021
info_outline 60. Getting Your Spending Under Control 04/14/2021
info_outline 59. How To Sell A Song To A Live Audience 04/07/2021
info_outline 58. Achieving Musical Flow State 03/31/2021
info_outline 57. The Mindset Of A One Hit Wonder 03/24/2021
info_outline 56. The Rise And Fall Of: Dream Theater 03/17/2021
info_outline 55. How To Stay Musically Inspired 03/10/2021
info_outline 54. Is Rock Music Dead? 03/03/2021
info_outline 53. The Rise And Fall Of: Muse 02/24/2021
info_outline 52. 5 Steps To Level Up Your Online Presence 02/17/2021
info_outline 51. Interview With Bradley Smith 02/10/2021
info_outline 50. Why Should You Protect Your Music? 02/03/2021
info_outline 49. Demystifying The Studio: Pt.2 - Mixing And Mastering 01/27/2021
info_outline 48. Demystifying The Studio: Pt.1 - Recording 01/20/2021
info_outline 47. Taking Back Control Of Your Music Sales 01/13/2021