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The Connected Leadership Podcast

Professional relationships underpin leadership success, so how do you build, nurture and leverage the relationships to take your career to the next level? Professional relationships strategist and author of 'Connected Leadership' Andy Lopata is joined by guests from business leaders, through subject matter experts to sports stars and more as they discuss the role that networks and professional relationships play in leadership success. The perfect listen for business leaders and those aspiring to leadership positions, Andy and his guests discuss key topics relevant to career and leadership success including mentoring, managing teams, the power of storytelling and communicating effectively to develop relationships, vulnerability and asking for help, how technology impacts leadership, scaling businesses and much more. Each week two episodes are published. On Mondays there is a full interview and then on Thursday Andy's guests share their own relationship stories and favourite resources in a shorter episode. Once a month, Andy is joined by Italian leadership expert Luca Signoretti, to discuss different approaches to developing professional relationships for business leaders.

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