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The MMA Training Show: Fitness | Fighting | Mixed Martial Arts | Nutrition

Former UFC fighter Jeff Joslin and MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach Eric Wong share mixed martial arts technique tips, fight strategy and fitness, training, workout and nutrition info to improve your game. You can submit your training and fitness questions at www.MMATrainingShow.com and they’ll answer them on the air. Each week a new 30 minute episode will be aired that will help you take your game to the next level, whether you're an amateur, professional or recreational mixed martial artist. And even if you don’t train MMA, if you’re into training and nutrition, you’ll discover cutting edge info used with some of the best athletes on the planet. Jeff and Eric will also be doing interviews of UFC fighters and other pro and up-and-coming mixed martial artists, top BJJ competitors, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists and any other MMA or fitness experts to get the latest info and strategies to improving your technique and performance. The bottom line is that The MMA Training Show is the #1 podcast to help you elevate your mixed martial arts skills and get you into top fight shape.

info_outline #17: The Comeback Episode 06/10/2014
info_outline #16: BJJ and “Metabolic Workouts” 04/22/2014
info_outline #15: Sparring Drills, Feints and Finding a Good School 04/15/2014
info_outline #14: Conditioning and BJJ Drills 04/01/2014
info_outline #13: Mixing Styles 03/25/2014
info_outline #12: Fitness and Strategies for Fighting Off Your Back 03/18/2014
info_outline #11: Heavy Bag Training, High Protein Diets 03/11/2014
info_outline BONUS: Interview with Duke Roufus 03/07/2014
info_outline #10: Sparring Tips 03/04/2014
info_outline #09: SPEED 02/25/2014
info_outline #08: YouTube, Mindset 02/18/2014
info_outline #07: Injuries in MMA 02/11/2014
info_outline #06: Energy Systems, Uppercuts & Composure 02/04/2014
info_outline #05: MMA Fundamentals Part 2 (Nutrition, BJJ, Mental) 02/03/2014
info_outline #04: MMA Fundamentals Part 1 (Striking, Strength, Cardio) 01/29/2014
info_outline #03: All About Power (KO's, Takedowns, etc) 01/29/2014
info_outline #02: Overtraining & Your MMA Training Schedule 01/29/2014
info_outline #01: Starting Out in MMA 01/29/2014