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Nerdville, TN

Nerd topics served up with a Southern flair. Movies, music, games, toys, books, museums, concerts, cons, and more from Music City. Keep on drivin' to the city limits of Nerdville, Tennessee.

info_outline Tiffany Grant! 04/22/2015
info_outline Kristian Bush! 04/16/2015
info_outline MTAC Day One: Chris Saber! 04/04/2015
info_outline Late Night Bonus Episode: Friday the 13th! 03/14/2015
info_outline Doctor Who: Series Nine and Beyond! 03/13/2015
info_outline Dave DeBorde! 03/09/2015
info_outline Sam & Dean & You & Me: It's All Things Supernatural! 02/27/2015
info_outline Star Trek: The Voyage to Nashville 02/19/2015
info_outline Hot Chicken, Y'all! 02/12/2015
info_outline Get Your Fiber, Nashville! 01/31/2015
info_outline A Very Nerdville Christmas! 12/25/2014
info_outline Doctor What Was That? 11/21/2014
info_outline Gigi Edgley! 11/19/2014
info_outline Mary Kate Wiles! 11/17/2014
info_outline Nerdville Goes to GMX! 11/08/2014
info_outline BT + DW 4 EVA! 11/07/2014
info_outline A Nerdville on Elm St. 10/31/2014
info_outline The Wrath of Con-fluence 10/22/2014
info_outline Con-fluence: The Motion Picture 10/02/2014
info_outline Country Lyrics! 09/30/2014
info_outline Jason Charles Miller! 09/18/2014
info_outline We Are Sorry 09/15/2014
info_outline Monkey Trouble 09/04/2014
info_outline Clap On! Clap Moff! 08/28/2014
info_outline Texas is the Reason 08/27/2014
info_outline Who Is The Best 08/25/2014
info_outline I AM JOB 08/20/2014
info_outline Chevy Nova? 08/13/2014
info_outline Stay Classy, Comic Con! 08/11/2014
info_outline The Cons of Wrath 08/05/2014