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A New Place Every Week

Food reviewing with a comedic edge| London based Jack decided on a New Years’ resolution of exploring London and visiting ‘a new place every week’ back in 2013. After a cult hit with his blog, the self-proclaimed Partyman is back with a podcast in 2016. Along with an anonymous host, the boys discuss Jack’s unique and alternative reviews of restaurants and bars around London and beyond. Jack’s three word descriptions, his very own poems, ratings and pictures will soon be on the new website. Listener feedback and requests to jackgravestock@hotmail.com or @jackgravestock

info_outline "A new place every week, every month!" 12/16/2018
info_outline Series 3 - "We're back!' 10/19/2018
info_outline "We have some news" 06/01/2018
info_outline 'Jack does a rap' 04/17/2018
info_outline "A very special occasion... Hakkasan, podcast meal, courtesy of the Financier" 03/26/2018
info_outline "All Thai restaurants are either good or bad." 02/21/2018
info_outline "They're quite cute to look at but not nice to eat" 01/31/2018
info_outline "You inspired me for my New Year's Resolution" 01/16/2018
info_outline "The ice cream special with Christmas undertones" 12/19/2017
info_outline "How many other Burlesconi themed bars are there with some guy thrusting at you?" 11/28/2017
info_outline "We have an Instagram account!" 11/01/2017
info_outline "We saw Mark Wahlberg!" 10/04/2017
info_outline "I've heard some things but that is ridiculous!" 09/04/2017
info_outline "Those are good secrets unlike Alan's" 08/15/2017
info_outline "You're a seven and you should know your place!" 07/18/2017
info_outline "Who's Charles Bukowski?" 06/19/2017
info_outline "I have a new jingle" 06/07/2017
info_outline "Is it the best restaurant you've ever been to?!" 05/08/2017
info_outline Our 1 year anniversary! 04/03/2017
info_outline "I was in that cubicle for 7 minutes!" 03/20/2017
info_outline "Sachets of ketchup in clubs?" 03/06/2017
info_outline "Is Michael Jackson famous for his pizzas?" 02/20/2017
info_outline And there were 3 02/06/2017
info_outline "It was too hot to do that!" 01/15/2017
info_outline "I told the barman it's one of the best chicken liver parfait's I've ever had!" 12/12/2016
info_outline "Nothing annoys me more than de-shelling!" 11/28/2016
info_outline "He's stealing a career as a DJ!" 11/14/2016
info_outline The easiest way to get a free meal in London 10/31/2016
info_outline "Is Fizzy Red Wine a thing?" 10/17/2016
info_outline Summer Special 08/14/2016