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Off The Rails Podcast: or (The Unexpected Humor in Pop Culture)

Three middle-aged high school buddies (Noah, Bubba, and Sean) drink beer and talk about popular culture, examining the noteworthy, the weird, and the flat-out awful in movies, music, TV, video games, comics, sports, and pro wrestling. All purposeful discussions will eventually go off the rails. Not for children, people with delicate sensibilities, or Aquaman apologists.

info_outline Mount Rushmore of Italian Mob Actors...Sort Of??? 06/29/2018
info_outline OTR GAME NIGHT 04/27/2018
info_outline Baseball is Back! 03/23/2018
info_outline What's Your Fursona? 03/12/2018
info_outline Vince Is Back To Football 02/23/2018
info_outline Retro City Fest Part 2 02/09/2018
info_outline Retro City Fest Part 1 01/26/2018
info_outline #OTRBIBS: Star Wars 12/22/2017
info_outline OTR On The Road 12/15/2017
info_outline Not Inches, Feet Brother! 12/04/2017
info_outline Captain Stubing's A Whore 11/20/2017
info_outline #OTRBIBS - Weng Weng 11/13/2017
info_outline This is a TEST 11/13/2017
info_outline Last Man Standing 11/13/2017
info_outline Take This Job & Shove It 11/03/2017
info_outline This is a test of 11/03/2017
info_outline Halloween Horrors 10/27/2017
info_outline Planned Obsolescence II 10/20/2017
info_outline #OTRBIBS 10/06/2017
info_outline Comic University 09/29/2017
info_outline A Fresh Coat Of Paint 09/22/2017
info_outline S4E2 - Venom Goes to School 08/10/2017
info_outline S4E1 - Talking Baseball & China 06/09/2017
info_outline S3E13 - The 3rd Annual Boobah's 05/04/2017
info_outline MiniCast 003 - Old Time Hockey and MLB The Show 17 03/27/2017
info_outline OGTay's Tasting Room Live - Day 7 03/26/2017
info_outline OGTay's Tasting Room Live - Day 6 03/25/2017
info_outline OGTay's Tasting Room Live - Day 5 03/24/2017
info_outline OGTay's Tasting Room Live - Day 4 03/23/2017
info_outline OGTay's Tasting Room Live - Day 3 03/22/2017