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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast

The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast is for parents like you who want to dump that parenting overwhelm off out on the curb and take this parenting journey by the horns! Here you will learn easy-to-implement behavioral strategies, backed by science, that can make a positive impact with your child TODAY. Hosted by a momma of one, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and parenting expert, Laura Lynn LaPointe shares with you the best positive parenting strategies and techniques, based on the principles of behavior analysis, that she uses with her clients and within her own home to help you maintain your parenting confidence and to help you live the parenting life you’ve always imagined. Tune in each week for straightforward and practical tools and strategies to help you become the parent you have always dreamed of. Visit lauralynnlapointe.com to learn more. Follow Laura Lynn on social media @lauralynnlapointe Please subscribe to the Parenting Clubhouse Podcast on iTunes, leave a review, and share how the strategies in each episode are helping your family in your home.

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