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The Progress Report

Weekly podcast detailing the good and the bad (mostly bad) of Alberta politics. A project of Progress Alberta.

info_outline Omicron's toll in schools—and WTF is going on in La Crete? 01/17/2022
info_outline POD: Canadian conservatives' dirty history as supporters of apartheid 01/10/2022
info_outline POD: I ❤️ 🌐 Oil & Gas. Turns out the Canadian oil and gas industry is majority foreign owned 12/20/2021
info_outline Then you shall have corpses 12/10/2021
info_outline D.A.R.E to resist police propaganda about fentanyl 12/07/2021
info_outline Meet the Liberal operative who blew up the Green Party 11/26/2021
info_outline Jason Kenney's fossil-fuel based "reconciliaction" 11/22/2021
info_outline Corruption in the Edmonton Police Service? Part Two 11/17/2021
info_outline Corruption at the highest levels of the Edmonton Police Service? 11/09/2021
info_outline Kenney's public inquiry has gone down in flames. What did we learn? 11/01/2021
info_outline Municipal Election Roundtable Extravaganza 10/17/2021
info_outline What ever happened to defunding the police? 10/12/2021
info_outline Happy fun time collapsing health care system 10/04/2021
info_outline Bear Clan Patrol with Judith Gale 09/24/2021
info_outline Praying to the West with Omar Mouallem 09/21/2021
info_outline Justice for Dalia 09/13/2021
info_outline Life in the City of Dirty Water 09/03/2021
info_outline Make this election a climate election 08/29/2021
info_outline Jason Kenney's Victims of Communism memorial received donations honouring fascists, Nazi collaborators 08/13/2021
info_outline Kinney 4 Senate 08/06/2021
info_outline Pepper spray for all! 07/29/2021
info_outline Happy Abolish Canada Day! 07/01/2021
info_outline Winston Churchill was a genocidal mass murderer 06/25/2021
info_outline Ontario is not sending its best 06/18/2021
info_outline The genocide defender has logged on 06/10/2021
info_outline The Never Ending Inquiry 06/04/2021
info_outline Some of our favs may be implicated 05/31/2021
info_outline Maplewashing feat. Luke Savage 05/19/2021
info_outline Nora Loreto 05/11/2021
info_outline Enbridge's privately funded pro-pipeline police force in Minnesota 04/27/2021