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Expand Your World with Queenie Kawabe

Expand Your World with Queenie Kawabe, who speaks 5 languages is a podcast created for Language Learners, especially Japanese. Queenie Kawabe delivers this show 5-day a week between Monday and Friday. Each episode brings you an inspiration and motivation topic such as a guest talk, and answer your language learning questions, as well as teaching you Japanese language to help you to speak the language fluently in an effective and easy way. Queenie Kawabe is an online language specialist, who has been teaching foreign languages to people from all walks of life since 2006 and runs a successful online teaching.

info_outline 129: How Emiko Rasmussen Overcame the Language Barrier in USA 09/29/2016
info_outline 128: How Lindsay Dow Used Social Media to Learn Languages 09/29/2016
info_outline 127: How Olga Mecking Effectively Taught Her Children to be Trilingual 09/27/2016
info_outline 126: How Milena Nguyen Loves the Life She Lives and Expanded Her World 09/22/2016
info_outline 125 : How to Build a Better Sentence in Chinese or Japanese 09/20/2016
info_outline 124 : When is the Best Season of the Year to Visit Japan? 09/18/2016
info_outline 123: Yann Ilunga's Best Advice in Learning and Using Languages 09/15/2016
info_outline 122 : Should I Learn Mandarin or Cantonese? 09/14/2016
info_outline 121: How Gordon Craig Survived and Flourished in Japan 09/11/2016
info_outline 120 : How Tim and Ness Help Enhance Relationships While Travelling 09/08/2016
info_outline 119 : Living and Learning Languages to Near-Native Fluency with Frances Chan 09/06/2016
info_outline 118 : Learn 11 Japanese Chopstick Etiquette with Queenie Kawabe 09/04/2016
info_outline 117: How Ryan Sink Learned German and Helps Businesses in Germany 09/01/2016
info_outline 116: How Marilyn Wo Teaches Her Child to be Bilingual 08/30/2016
info_outline 115 : Learn Useful Phrases For Dietary Restrictions In Japan with Queenie 08/30/2016
info_outline 114: How Jay Wong Learned Mandarin Through His Vision and Passion 08/25/2016
info_outline 113: How Sophia Davis Learned Spanish and Adapted in Mexico 08/23/2016
info_outline 112 : How Marci Kobayashi Lives and Works in Japan For Over 20 Years 08/22/2016
info_outline 111 : How Nathan Lieberman Expand His World By Learning German and Traveling 08/02/2016
info_outline 110: How Gauzi Djauhari Raise His Bilingual Children in Singapore 08/01/2016
info_outline 109: How Richard Phu Live By His Own Rules 08/01/2016
info_outline 108 : Join Expand Your World Inner Circle with Queenie Kawabe 07/28/2016
info_outline 107 : Create A Pokémon Go Safety Area For Children with Queenie Kawabe 07/26/2016
info_outline 106: How To Become A Successful Paralympian With Tanner Gers 07/22/2016
info_outline 105 : How Steven Shalowitz Expanded His Network in Asia 07/20/2016
info_outline 104: How Luis Congdon Learned Languages with Feeling 07/12/2016
info_outline 103: How Mary Meckley Built Her Network in Japan 07/10/2016
info_outline 102 : Learn Asian Dialects and English with Sheena Yap Chan 07/07/2016
info_outline 101 : How Vickie Eisenstein Speak Korean Fluently 07/07/2016
info_outline 100 : One Milestone Celebration with Queenie Kawabe 07/07/2016