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5 Minute Astronomy

Learn about the Universe in five minutes or less with Radio Astronomy! Short weekly podcasts based off of the 89.9FM WORT radio show in Madison, Wi USA

info_outline A Universe in a Box 12/05/2014
info_outline The Dragonfly and the Dwarf 08/04/2014
info_outline Pluto! Everyone's favorite dwarf planet! 06/24/2014
info_outline Jupiter's Red Spot Shrinks! 06/03/2014
info_outline Starbirth 06/03/2014
info_outline The Coldest Brown Dwarf! 05/07/2014
info_outline Life on Jupiter's Moon Europa? 05/05/2014
info_outline Icecube Observatory detects extragalactic neutrinos 04/04/2014
info_outline Gravity Waves at the Beginning of Time 03/26/2014
info_outline When a Star Runs Away from Home... 03/06/2014
info_outline The Oldest Star Known 02/26/2014
info_outline Do Black Holes Exist? 02/20/2014
info_outline Space Mission Gaia: The 1 Billion Star Mapper! 02/12/2014
info_outline Singing the Astro Blues! Or, Why Study Astronomy? 02/07/2014
info_outline The BOSS on the Search for Dark Matter 01/29/2014
info_outline Space sex and other challenges to interstellar travel 01/28/2014
info_outline China Hops to the Moon with the Jade Rabbit! 01/22/2014
info_outline Virgin Galactic Blast Off!! 01/16/2014
info_outline On star clusters and forging a career path in astronomy! 01/13/2014
info_outline The Higgs (Hugs!) Boson 01/02/2014
info_outline The Many Problems of Light Pollution 01/02/2014
info_outline Space Weather: The Aurora 01/02/2014
info_outline The X-Ray Universe 12/12/2013
info_outline The Juno Spacecraft 12/07/2013
info_outline Diamonds are Jupiter's Best Friend 11/29/2013
info_outline Near Earth Objects: Not with a whimper, but with a BANG! 11/13/2013
info_outline Go then, there are other worlds than these 11/08/2013
info_outline General relativity: the physics of BIG! 11/01/2013
info_outline A galaxy far far away! 10/30/2013
info_outline Polarization of Light and Astronomy! 10/23/2013