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Real Women Don't Bitch

For the Entrepreneurial woman who refused to take no for answer. More than empowering you this podcast is here to give you some techniques and strategies to keep going, even after life's challenges. Develop a raw, real and relentless mindset. Reverse the negative self-talk, expose and get rid of limiting beliefs and put an end to the damaging behavior. Get the nuggets from all angles personal, professional and spiritual. Not only do you have some current issues, there is some damage from your past as well. There are no secrets here. By having real talk centered around the bullshit that affects, real healing can occur. Auguste Crenshaw is #1 Advanced Mental Conditioning Specialist and your success is her sweet spot! But enter with caution. Everyone has a story. Yours will either empower or devour you. She doesn't go whining and complaining. Real Women Don't Bitch! They get shit done! As Eric Thomas would say everyone wants to be a beast until it is time to do what beast do!

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