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Reinventing Midlife

Does the advice ‘just follow your passion’ make you tired or are you weary of seeing middle aged women portrayed as helpless victims of their hormones? You’re not a Millennial, but you’re also not over the hill yet. Do you find yourself somewhere more in the...middle? Then join Lana, Jen, and Tara, who offer a fresh, positive take on mid life--because it’s not a crisis! Sandwiched between boomers and millennials, this podcast is for Gen Xers who know midlife isn’t about trying to look like they’re still in their twenties or wearing themselves out attempting to regain their youth. We’re proud of our wrinkles, scars, and saggy skin, because we’ve earned them! Join us as we discard society’s ideals about who we’re supposed to be and figure out this next exciting phase of our lives. Here’s Reinventing Midlife: They may not know the answers, but they’re going to talk about it anyway! Connect with Jen: www.jenmcdonald.net Connect with Tara: www.tarahowes.com Connect with Lana: www.lanasimmons.com

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