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Shining Beyond Shy

Welcome to Shining Beyond Shy, a podcast dedicated to empowering you to choose beyond your shyness and create a greater life than you think is possible for you. I’m Fiona, and I was labelled shy, and considered shy for as long as I can remember. My shyness affected not only the way I speak, but the whole way I functioned in the world, totally limiting the choices I had in life. A few weeks after my 40th birthday, I was seemingly suddenly and mysteriously ill with the debilitating disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was so tired that for years I could scarcely function, even going to the shops was difficult. I now see that part of the catalyst for that illness was my introversion, my inability to express me. Holding yourself back takes up a lot of energy. I have transformed my shyness, healed my fatigue, using the amazing tools of Access Consciousness and Right Voice for You that I will be sharing on this podcast. What if everyone on the planet was empowered to shine beyond their perceived limitations???

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