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Songs Inside|Songs and Stories from a Singer/ Songwriter

A podcast for music lovers and lovers of things and people. Kate is singer/songwriter and talks about things that interest her. It is usually music, inspiration, women issues, creativity, books or podcasting. The one thing she is consistent with is including one of her original songs and she weaves it in to the featured topic.

info_outline Believe 11/10/2015
info_outline Ep16 Out of the Box 11/03/2015
info_outline Ep15 Sorry 10/27/2015
info_outline Ep14 Hold On 10/20/2015
info_outline Ep13 The Art of Being Positive 10/13/2015
info_outline Ep12 Perfection-The Myth 10/05/2015
info_outline Ep11-Women Network 10/02/2015
info_outline Ep10 Dream 09/21/2015
info_outline Ep 09 The Truth About Successful Couples 09/15/2015
info_outline Ep 08 -Crown Guitar Festival 09/08/2015
info_outline Ep07 Judge Not 09/01/2015
info_outline Ep06-The Awakening 08/25/2015
info_outline Ep 05 First Lady Obama 08/11/2015
info_outline Ep 04 - Procrastination 08/04/2015
info_outline EP03 Take A Jump- Overcome Fear 07/28/2015
info_outline Ep02 - Annie Edson Taylor 07/21/2015
info_outline Ep01 Keep On Singing 07/14/2015
info_outline Ep 000 Introduction 07/14/2015