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Teacher Tactics: High school teaching strategies

Become a better high school teacher with strategies to stress less, save time, be creative, and feel more confident in your classroom. Teachers Colin Dodds and Michelle Davis take you through tactics including getting started in September, classroom management, games, activities, lesson planning, assessment, evaluation, tests, dealing with difficult students, working with colleagues and parents, and self-care.

info_outline TT033 How to ask for teacher feedback (Grade the Grader) 05/04/2016
info_outline TT032 Why 100% is important for classroom management (Unanimous) 04/27/2016
info_outline TT031 The power of a critical viewing journal (Everyone’s a Critic) 04/20/2016
info_outline TT030 How to set up individualized assessment with no prep (Question Period) 04/13/2016
info_outline TT029 Two name games to improve class cohesion (Name of the Game) 04/06/2016
info_outline TT028 How to encourage student questions (Flip the Script) 03/30/2016
info_outline TT027 How to get an extra burst of motivation (10 Minute Miracle) 03/23/2016
info_outline TT026 How to deal with phones in the classroom (Phony Problems) 03/16/2016
info_outline TT025 How to make a free teacher website in 5 minutes (Put It Online) 03/09/2016
info_outline TT024 How to pick a Learning Management System (Your Online Assistant) 03/02/2016
info_outline TT023 How to get the most out of these 3 teacher apps (The Future is Bright) 02/24/2016
info_outline TT022 How to find specific and relevant lesson ideas online (Something Borrowed) 02/17/2016
info_outline TT021 How to use mentorship to improve your teaching practice (Ask an Expert) 02/10/2016
info_outline TT020 How to fit in volunteering, coaching, and extracurriculars (Extra Credit) 02/03/2016
info_outline TT019 Four ways to survive staff politics at school (Political Science) 01/27/2016
info_outline TT018 Successful parent-teacher interviews (Meet the Parents) 01/20/2016
info_outline TT017 Four review games (Brush Up) 01/13/2016
info_outline TT016 Three Quiet Games (Quiet Time) 01/06/2016
info_outline TT015 Four Bellwork Ideas (Ring the Bell) 12/30/2015
info_outline TT014 Five Customizable Lesson Hooks (Off the Hooks) 12/23/2015
info_outline TT013 Seven things Star Wars taught us about teaching (Use the Force) 12/16/2015
info_outline TT012 Why you should be using rubrics (Mark by Numbers) 12/09/2015
info_outline TT011 The 3 elements of effective feedback (Food for Thought) 12/02/2015
info_outline TT010 6 Ways to Check for Understanding (Progress Check) 11/25/2015
info_outline TT009 How to quickly make a useful unit plan (Create Your Blueprint) 11/18/2015
info_outline TT008 How to discipline or persuade students without power struggles (The House Always Wins) 11/11/2015
info_outline TT007 How to use engaging assignments to eliminate behavior issues (A Very Long Engagement) 11/04/2015
info_outline TT006 Why compassion is the best way to deal with behavior issues (Love Is All You Need) 10/28/2015
info_outline TT005 The best desk placements for classroom management (The Danger Zone) 10/21/2015
info_outline TT004 What your first assignment of the year should include (Chalk & Awe) 10/14/2015