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The Creative Slice Podcast

Discover how you can succeed as an independent creative, each episode Lloyd Hofmeyr chats with inspiring artists, successful creatives and entrepreneurs who have pushed their style into an uncommon place, on how they’ve discovered their unique slice of the world, their successes and how they market themselves to help you slice out a niche for yourself in this ever changing creative landscape! Whether it's through setting routines, packaging your work creatively, marketing yourself on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook Instagram, setting up a unique lifestyle, looking for a online course to help take your career further, getting encouraged by profitable artists, been motivated through stories by like-minded creatives, learn how to start, to finish and to work through the lows mid project. As an aspiring fulltime creator plug in to the interviews with creatives and entrepreneurs who have prospered and found happiness in their field.

info_outline TCS 012 Becoming a better conversationalist with Aurus Sanchez 04/19/2017
info_outline TCS 011 - Treating Your Passion as a Fulltime Job with Justin "Nomad" Badenhorst 03/22/2017
info_outline TCS 010 – Rehahn Croquevielle's Precious Portraits & Creating with a Connection 02/10/2017
info_outline TCS 009 – Creative Education and Sustainable Design with John Hardy 12/13/2016
info_outline TCS 008 – Life as a Reluctant Artist with Anastasia Pather 11/29/2016
info_outline TCS 007 – Making an Impression with Gareth Pon 11/01/2016
info_outline TCS 006 – The Power of Time Off with Chanel and Stevo from How Far From Home 10/04/2016
info_outline TCS005 – Conversations with Street Musician Dino 09/12/2016
info_outline TCS004 – An Origami Inspired Lifestyle with Ross Symons 08/29/2016
info_outline TCS003 – Gamifying your Creative Practice with Audrey Anderson 06/23/2016
info_outline TCS002 – How to Creatively Package Yourself with Mike Sharman 04/20/2016
info_outline TCS001- Establishing an Identity & Staying Inspired with Sindiso Nyoni 04/20/2016
info_outline TCS000 – Welcome to the Creative Slice Podcast 04/20/2016