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The National Real Estate Cafe's podcast

The Real Estate Café with Don and Gino giving you Your Daily Dose of Real Estate Market Updates Visit us live & online at nrecafe.com or every Sat 9am-10am PST AM 1220 KHTS & live online@ http://donandgino.com

info_outline Jan-31-2018-FORECLOSURE Activity DROPS to 12-year-LOW in 2017 !! 01/31/2018
info_outline Jan-30-2018-More and More of our VETERANS are getting into HOMES 01/30/2018
info_outline Jan-29-2018-Home Prices = STRONG END to 2017...... 01/30/2018
info_outline Jan-26-2018-Do You NEED FLOOD INSURANCE 01/26/2018
info_outline Jan-25-2018-Who gets impacted by the new TAX PROGRAM 01/25/2018
info_outline Jan-24-2018-QUESTION To Stage or Not to Stage 01/25/2018
info_outline Jan-23-2018-QUESTION To Stage or Not to Stage 01/23/2018
info_outline Jan-22-2018-How To GET A MORTGAGE if your Self Employed 01/22/2018
info_outline Jan-19-2018-Wondering if You Can BUY YOUR FIRST HOME?? 01/19/2018
info_outline Jan-18-2018-CALIFORNIA MONTECITO MUDSLIDES!!!! - Homeowners get Help 01/18/2018
info_outline Jan-17-2018-Does COLD WEATHER influence the HOUSING MARKET? 01/17/2018
info_outline Jan-16-2018-More and More of our VETERANS are getting into HOMES 01/16/2018
info_outline Jan-15-2018-BUYING a HOME can be Scary Until You KNOW the FACTS 01/16/2018
info_outline Jan-12-2018-Mansion or Yurt; WHAT CAN YOU AFFORD? 01/13/2018
info_outline Jan-11-2018-Home Affordability is the BEST its EVER BEEN !! 01/11/2018
info_outline Jan-10-2018-MILLENNIALS are a HUGE PART of REAL ESTATE..... 01/11/2018
info_outline Jan-9-2018-5 Reasons to HIRE a REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL!!!! 01/11/2018
info_outline Jan-8-2018-Lets Talk About STUDENT DEBT!!! 01/09/2018
info_outline Jan-6-2018-Home Purchase Sentiment Nears ALL TIME HIGH!!!! 01/08/2018
info_outline Jan-4-2018-DO YOU KNOW....How Rising Prices Will Help You Build Family Wealth in 2018 01/05/2018
info_outline Jan-3rd-2018-HAPPY NEW YEAR from the National Real Estate Cafe!! 01/03/2018
info_outline Dec-29-2017-Home Purchase Sentiment Nears ALL TIME HIGH!!!!. 12/30/2017
info_outline Dec-28-2017-DO You Need $20k to Buy a #Home? 12/28/2017
info_outline Dec-27-2017-Home Prices UP 6.54% Across The Country!! 12/27/2017
info_outline Dec-26-2017-WHAT's HOT NOW ? Purchase v. Refinance - LOTS of Options to get into a HOME!! 12/26/2017
info_outline Dec-22-2017-What are Lenders looking for when getting you into a HOME? 12/23/2017
info_outline Dec-21-2017-Loan Limits Are on The RISE!! 12/22/2017
info_outline Dec-20-2017-TOP HOME RENOVATIONS for Maximum ROI 12/21/2017
info_outline Dec-19-2017-Loan Limits Are on The RISE!!. 12/20/2017
info_outline Dec-18-2017-What Impacts Your Monthly Mortgage Payment. 12/19/2017