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The New Hollywood

The New Hollywood is a podcast interview show centered around the greatest films from the 70's - either by the people who made them or those who share their sensibilities. Host Brian Flaherty interviews directors, producers, actors and others about their lives, their craft and in some cases what it was like to make the classic movies of the 70’s and be a part of The New Hollywood.

info_outline Eric Appel (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Workaholics) 10/23/2015
info_outline Jesse Peretz (Girls, Our Idiot Brother) 10/14/2015
info_outline Matthew Dessem (Author of The Gag Man) 10/07/2015
info_outline Bill Hader (Trainwreck, SNL) 09/23/2015
info_outline Richard Linklater (Boyhood, Dazed and Confused) 09/16/2015
info_outline Britt Daniel (Spoon) 09/09/2015
info_outline Rob Long (Cheers, Martini Shot) 08/26/2015
info_outline Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone) 08/12/2015
info_outline W. Earl Brown (True Detective, Deadwood) 08/05/2015
info_outline Andy Daly (Comedy Central's Review w Forrest MacNeil) 07/22/2015
info_outline Peter Hornsby (Former Studio Exec, The Peach Cobbler Gang) 07/21/2015
info_outline Stephnie Weir (The Comedians, Mad TV) 07/15/2015
info_outline Ken Levine (M.A.S.H., The Simpsons) 07/08/2015
info_outline Keith Gordon (Christine, Fargo) 06/17/2015
info_outline Rocky Lang (The Making of Tootsie, Author) 06/11/2015
info_outline Jon Daly (Kroll Show, Family Guy) 06/04/2015
info_outline Earl Pomerantz (Cheers, Taxi) 05/13/2015
info_outline Harold Brown (The Band War) 05/06/2015
info_outline Eddie Muller (Film Noir Foundation) 04/22/2015
info_outline Clay Tarver (Silicon Valley, Chavez) 04/09/2015
info_outline Harold Perrineau (LOST, Constantine) 04/03/2015
info_outline Ben Mankiewicz Pt. 2 (TCM) 03/19/2015
info_outline Ben Mankiewicz (TCM) 03/16/2015
info_outline Josh Fadem (30 Rock) 03/04/2015
info_outline Allen Coulter (Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire) 02/25/2015
info_outline Joe Dante (Gremlins) 01/14/2015
info_outline Adam McKay (Anchorman) 01/07/2015
info_outline Alan Marlowe (Eddie The Mute) 01/05/2015
info_outline Fred Roos (The Godfather) 12/10/2014
info_outline George Litto Extra 12/03/2014