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Simply Axel

A podcast, a community, and a series that inspires and empowers self-discovery.

info_outline Leadership 05/07/2021
info_outline Vulnerability 03/19/2021
info_outline Courage 03/05/2021
info_outline Owning A Small Business 10/09/2020
info_outline When Is Enough, Enough? 09/11/2020
info_outline Stuck In The Middle 08/28/2020
info_outline Time Management 08/14/2020
info_outline Half Year Mark (New Years resolutions and check in) 07/31/2020
info_outline Back to School & Distant Learning 07/17/2020
info_outline Summer Jobs 07/06/2020
info_outline Senior Year + Saying Goodbye to High school ft. Jasmine Reyes 06/19/2020
info_outline Black Lives Matter ft. Kyra Obaid 06/05/2020
info_outline Cancel Culture 05/22/2020
info_outline Reality Check & Mental Health 05/08/2020
info_outline Quarantine Craziness 04/24/2020
info_outline College Time Sadness or Happiness? Ft. Evelyn Marquez 04/10/2020
info_outline Listen Before You Go! Ft. Andrew Santana, Dylan Loth, Morgan Rajala 03/27/2020
info_outline 2020 Thus Far (Everything that has happened!) 03/13/2020
info_outline Horoscopes | Are they real? 02/28/2020
info_outline Crushes & Friend Zone 09/20/2019
info_outline Back To School Anxiety & #SeniorSZN 09/06/2019
info_outline People of Color & Representation In Media Ft.Christina Mazzi / Project WOC 08/23/2019
info_outline Body Image Issues and Insecurities 08/02/2019
info_outline How the dark moments made my success 07/12/2019
info_outline Junior year and why I've been MIA 06/28/2019
info_outline HEY, I want to start a podcast! 05/17/2019
info_outline Social Media 05/03/2019
info_outline Kindness 04/12/2019
info_outline NEW EPISODE! Toxic Friendships S2|E3 03/30/2019
info_outline Toxic Friendships 03/29/2019