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Let's meet on the earth

This podcast is about the "One" and the "US" with the Indian family in its background. Precursor of the view that to know one another is essential to human evolution, Helene Tremblay, initiated the ambitious journey of presenting Humanity to Humanity, an adventure unfolding over 3 decades. In each of the 116 countries travelled she has lived with a family representative of the living conditions of the majority. From sunrise to sunset,hour by hour, she has shared the small events that shape daily lives globally.This innovative research has provided Helen with an intimate knowledge of the people and societies of humanity and those cultural values and environmental factors that inform their being and striving. In her unique work, Helene invites us to challenge existing notions of family and community and in so doing reconstruct a global outlook that holds each citizen of planet earth central to a shared experience. Helene travels here between her personal search of being a better person while living as a citizen of planet earth.

info_outline Towards India 10/25/2015
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